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DJ Dauntless

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late 2o14 and beyond..



Auzcast has seen the introduction of some outstanding talent from Greece : the 4DB show : featuring regulars KENESIS and CRYOGENICS who feature the best in what Greece has to offer live on the live stream!! Some oustanding shows thus far and their contributions are already having a big impact [see more on our artists page]. Lean2 continues to grow at a rate of knots, we feature UK heavyweights REDEYE MC (you should suss his hip hop out on YouTube as well - written and produced by REDEYE the biz), Christal Beats an enromrous talent with years of DNB experience under his belt and the rolling sounds of DJ RIPPA.

We've had a break from some of our shows due to upgrades, they are coming online again real soon! Cale from Basslab has been on hiedous from his shows for 8 weeks, busy building the Bass Labs final form! Get ready for sick sets international guests and more dnb than ever b4! no more fishtank tho!!

Finally, a very big congratulations to our 2 finalists in the 2013 AUZREMIX comp! This time around it was so close that there was only a couple of votes making the difference in margin between the two finalists. We'd like to announce Gimme Somethin (Phoenix Forgotten Remix) as the winner.

Watch this space for our new comp commencing in months ahead. ALSO from today we are delighted to announce pre orders for men's (white logo) black tee and womens fit (pink logo) black tees. Email us with your pre order (including sizes) at Tees $30 AUD (+$5 shipping within auz or $10 ship international)


Dose NZ and Mark7