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Basslines rollin' inside the venue!



We've been very busy in recent month working on filming live shows, new programming/podcasts and of course the new look site which has given us a new silky skin so to speak. We have some tantalizing site changes in the next few updates which will enable you more options and the opportunity to become a yearly member with next level benefits that we think you're going to absolutely love.

Speaking of recent months, if you haven't already checked out either the Bryan Gee Interview or the latest mix/interview from the UK CONSPIRE jump onto the podcast download thread for more; such quality! Also while you're looking into more information about Conspire suss out some of his latest material on his soundcloud and or via the online music stores.... Badman!!
As I personally reflect back on the last few years of Auzcast I find it hard to believe that Im about to embark on Auzcast Podcast Number 020. You will be well impressed by who is about to take stand! I'm also stoked to announce that we are preparing up the sample pack for the 2015 Auzcast Remix Competition. Passed comps have been hugely successful and this year we've called upon the assistance of Australia's TECHNINE to help put together a bag of samples for you all to go crazy over!


Bryan Gee V Recordings and Mark7